Our Services

Our Services

Craft Masters Barber Shop is an amazing barbershop located in Glendale Queens.
Basquiat $50

Hair wash, Haircut, Beard/Goatee trim, Razor Shave finish topped of with a Hot towel.

Da Vinci $25

Haircut only. Great when on the Go. Look great in a short amount of time.

Michael Angelo $35

Haircut with Beard/Goatee trim and Razor shave finish. Leaving the skin smooth as silk.

Picasso $30

Haircut with Beard/Goatee trim. One of our most popular packages! Come in and try it today.

The Shop

Here at Craft Masters Barbershop we provide old age Craftsmanship with state of the art tools. From the Chairs to the blades on the clippers our Craftsman do not cut any corners. Remember a tool is only as good as the person who is using it. Here at Craft Masters we stand by that 100% 24-7.