Victor Garcia

Victor Garcia, aka to his clients as “Vic” has 28 years of experience. He started his career at a very early age. Wanting to keep up with the latest trends, styles and fashion of Hip Hop culture, he developed his love for cutting. Hip Hop was hitting main stream media and shows like Video Music Box gave artist a platform to display the latest fashion and hair styles. Haircuts were a fashion statement. Artist like Nas, Third Base, De Las Soul, Kid N Play, Big Daddy Kane and many others rocked styles like The Flat Top, High Top Fades, and The Gumby with designs and parts that resembled art. Victor being an artist at heart found his calling.

Along with his twin brother, known in the shop as “Twin” decided to pick up clippers and experiment on each other. They lived in a single parent home and Mom could not afford to keep them both with fresh cuts on a weekly basis like they wanted. They spent hours critiquing the quality until it was just right.

Fortunately they lived upstairs from an Italian Barber. He barely spoke English, but since Italian and Spanish share various sounds and pronunciations the old man took his time to share tips and offered them a chance to watch him work. Eventually, his mother went to beauty school and taught them how to cut with scissors, which gave them an added benefit to their technique.

During High School Vic built his clientele from students would ask were they got their cut. They would offer cuts for $5 per person after school and would cut in the hallway of Mom’s apartment.

His first break to work at a real shop was in 1993, at Streetgang Babershop, one of the first Hip Hop barbershops in Ridgewood, Queens. He left High school and dedicated himself to working full time at the shop.

He quickly realized that if he was going to be successful, he had to take his profession seriously and decided to pursue his career in Barbering. He enrolled in Atlas Barber School in New York City, obtained his Barber License by age 18, motivated by the money, the environment, and the competitive spirit he and the other barbers in the shop shared. They were creating new styles, drawing characters and creating a name for themselves throughout the Brooklyn/Queens community.

After 7 years of working at Streetgang Barbershop, opportunity knocks. Vic capitalized on the opportunity to become a small business owner. He bought Streetgang in 2000. Vic successfully ran Streetgang for six years, until life took a turn. Though Vic continued to cut hair he was temporarily separated from his homestead until his return in 2014. He took the time to reinvent himself and his brand, focused on developing his vision for Craft masters Barbershop.

Crafter Masters reflects Victor’s fashionable, relevant, artistic but still traditional style of barbershop culture. It is a true reflection of Victor’s longevity in the business. He is proud of his accomplishments and welcomes the community to his humble establishment.


Phone: +1 (718) 307 9488

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