Rob the Barber

Robert is a Brookynite who self taught himself how to barber at the age of 16.  He came across this skill on a whim one day while hanging out with his friends.   This acquired skills is now a passion of his that defines him. It’s his craft.

Always a hustler and with little to no experience as a barber, besides his friends, he wanted to make money in an honest way. Nonetheless there were stipulations such as the environment he worked in (had to be of one he can relate to and feel comfortable) and  he wanted to make his own schedule. So with only a few aroundtheway cuts under his belt, he walked into Street Gang Barbershop and told the owner he was experienced and that he wouldn’t be sorry if he gave him a chance. The first clients head he cut  was more than satisfied. Thats the day he felt initiated into the barber’s world.

Now with 20 years of extensive hands on experience utilizing clippers, trimmers, sharp razors, and scissors, he is a master at his  craft.  His craft includes fades, tapeups,  scissor cuts, designs and facial grooming, just to name a few. From walk-ins to schedule appts whoever sits in his chair is guaranteed to become a regular.  His love for the barber game has kept him on top of all current trends. His longevity in the barber game has allowed him to achieve loyalty with his clients and prosperity with his skill.
Rob always keep it professional, updated with tools, techniques and trends.
Rob has mastered his craft and can  be followed on InstaGram @blk_Rob_the_barber

Phone: +1 (347) 314 9951

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